Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Optimizing Youtube videos online

Many people doesn’t aware that Youtube is the second largest search engine and the 3th top site on the web. Therefore those of you who do business online should consider taking advantage of this huge opportunities which can be a great marketing tool for starting your own business. The website is completely free and you can upload as many videos as you like. Some simple things that can improve your Youtube rankings include:

Youtube Sharing Tips and Tricks

YouTube is one of the hottest sites on the Web. It lets users to upload and view all sorts of video clips online. Here is little tricks and tips to help you better view and share Youtube videos.

  • To share Youtube video to your friends via email, you can click the “Share” link underneath the video player on that video’s page. The Share menu will appear, click “Email this video” and fill in the email addresses that you want to send in the “To” box, separating multiple addresses with commas. You can add some message too if you like (optional). You also can share your Youtube Favorites list, just press the Share button and then proceed the steps as usual.
How to share Youtube video via email
  • If you want to share a Youtube video to a friend, sometimes you want the video to jump to where the most important part and start from there without having to watch the unnecessary part from the beginning. All you have to do is adding this below code to the end of the URL.


    m stands for minute and s stands for second.
  • Or if it is an embed code, put &start=80 to the end of the embed url. The value number of the code represent seconds. So if &start=80 means it will skip the first 80 seconds of the video.
  • There is a search box appears when you embed Youtube video to your site. In order to hide the search box, you can simply add &showsearch=0 to the embed url.
  • After watching Youtube video, you need to press ‘play’ button again if you want to replay it. If you want the video to replay automatically you can add &loop=1 to the url part of the embed code.
  • To make Youtube video play automatically when it is loaded in a browser, you can add &autoplay=1

How to create Playlist in Youtube

In Youtube, a playlist is a list of videos you add in an organized order. In other words, it is simply a collection of videos, it is used just like a folder - organized by whatever criteria you deem appropriate. You can create as many playlist as you want. Videos in the playlist can be played randomly or in order you want. Playlist is quite similar with quicklist except that a quicklist is temporary (not saved when the browser is closed). All playlists can be set for two levels of privacy: “Private”, where only you can view it and “Public”, available for all users to view.
  • First, you need to sign up to create Youtube account, otherwise you would not be able to create playlist in Youtube.
  • When you are watching the video you want to add in the playlist, click the blue link “Playlist” below the vid.
  • Inside the “Select Playlist” box, select Create New Playlist. Write the name of your playlist and you can add short notes about the playlist.
How to make Playlist in Youtube
  • Click “Add to Playlist” button and you will come to the page where you can enter additional information about the playlist such as Tags and Description, decide whether you want to make it private or public. Fill in the data you need to and save it.
  • After you successfully creating a playlist, you can add some other videos into that playlist or creating another different playlist. The title of every playlist you created will appear in the “Select Playlist” box.
  • To organize the order of your playlist you can click the dropdown menu on your username (top-right of the screen) and choose “Playlist”. Select which one of your playlist that you want to reorganize the order (at the left column of the screen). Then below of the page you will find list of videos from the playlist you select, click on the number next to the vid and change the order number.

How to organize Playlist video order

How to make money with Youtube

Youtube, the most popular internet video networking community can be an excellent way to promote your website, affiliates, business or even making money with it. Since it can be used absolutely free, it is a great way to save on advertising costs.

The first thing you should do is of course register for Youtube account and follow the easy instruction provided. After that you can sign up for Google Adsense to earn extra income. Through Adsense, Youtube will pay your share from the revenues.

making money with youtubeTo do that, you need to sign up first for the Youtube partnership, a revenue sharing program. Create your original videos and try not to copy others, pick your niche and decide what type of video you are going to upload (comedy, casual video logging, news, how-to, drama series, product reviews etc). Adding a watermark on your videos to direct users to your website is a great idea (of course you need to have a website). You are also allowed to insert link in the description box beside your videos to your site and you can put affiliate links and adsense on the site.

Once you have enough videos in your account, promote them by sending it to your friends, social networking sites and forums. You can leave video responses to other videos that match your interests. Find the latest videos posted by the most popular youtubers, make responses that are interesting or funny. If the youtuber likes it, he might favorite it and even mention you in one of his videos then it is a good news for you. Favourites help because they post to the youtubers channel, it’s just like free advertisement. Respond to any emails or messages you receive on Youtube to build a relationship with your viewers. Make more videos and upload them to Youtube, the more subscribers and views you get the better. Make sure the video file format is acceptable for Youtube.