Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Optimizing Youtube videos online

Many people doesn’t aware that Youtube is the second largest search engine and the 3th top site on the web. Therefore those of you who do business online should consider taking advantage of this huge opportunities which can be a great marketing tool for starting your own business. The website is completely free and you can upload as many videos as you like. Some simple things that can improve your Youtube rankings include:

  • Meta tags are automatically generated by Youtube for every view page. The title tag will be the name of the video, the description tag will be the description found in the “more info” section and the meta keywords tag will be the Youtube tags.
  • Give your video an interesting title that makes people click on it. The title is the most important piece of information. Keep the title relevant to whatever the video is all about and keep it brief.
  • Properly describe what the video is about. Put important keywords in the description field and include a clickable url in the first line. Keep your description length under 27 characters.
  • Include links in profile pages wherever possible. Many Youtubers link to their social media profiles like Twitter and Facebook or a customized landing page. Add your logo or picture to Youtube account profile, fill in all information needed such as name, company, age, interests and more so that it will let other users know more about who you are.
  • Actively participate with the Youtube community. Sharing videos with other members, do video responses, add similar video to your playlist and write comments to related videos to attract attention to your video. You can mark other people’s interesting videos as favorites, much like how it is done in browsers. Get as many links to your video, the more the better. Submit video to social networking sites like StumbleUpon and Digg.
  • Create and upload more video. The larger number of videos you’ve posted to your Youtube, the greater chances of atracting new visitors to your site.

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