Tuesday, December 1, 2009

How to create Playlist in Youtube

In Youtube, a playlist is a list of videos you add in an organized order. In other words, it is simply a collection of videos, it is used just like a folder - organized by whatever criteria you deem appropriate. You can create as many playlist as you want. Videos in the playlist can be played randomly or in order you want. Playlist is quite similar with quicklist except that a quicklist is temporary (not saved when the browser is closed). All playlists can be set for two levels of privacy: “Private”, where only you can view it and “Public”, available for all users to view.
  • First, you need to sign up to create Youtube account, otherwise you would not be able to create playlist in Youtube.
  • When you are watching the video you want to add in the playlist, click the blue link “Playlist” below the vid.
  • Inside the “Select Playlist” box, select Create New Playlist. Write the name of your playlist and you can add short notes about the playlist.
How to make Playlist in Youtube
  • Click “Add to Playlist” button and you will come to the page where you can enter additional information about the playlist such as Tags and Description, decide whether you want to make it private or public. Fill in the data you need to and save it.
  • After you successfully creating a playlist, you can add some other videos into that playlist or creating another different playlist. The title of every playlist you created will appear in the “Select Playlist” box.
  • To organize the order of your playlist you can click the dropdown menu on your username (top-right of the screen) and choose “Playlist”. Select which one of your playlist that you want to reorganize the order (at the left column of the screen). Then below of the page you will find list of videos from the playlist you select, click on the number next to the vid and change the order number.

How to organize Playlist video order

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