Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How to Use Blackberry Protect to Backup/Restore Your Data

how to use blackberry protect to restore data
Blackberry Protect is designed for locking/wiping our stolen or lost handset and for backing up as well as restoring specific data from our Blackberry smartphone. With Blackberry Protect, our very important information such as contacts, sms messages, memos, tasks and browser bookmarks can also be easily recovered.

When automatic backups are enabled, your Blackberry Protect will back up your smartphone data at the specified frequency. Of course you need your Blackberry ID in order to have this feature on your BB smartphone. When your device is not connected to the wireless network, or is turned off then Blackberry Protect will back up your data the next time your device is turned on and connected.

How to Back Up and Restore Blackberry Contacts

How to Back Up and Restore Blackberry Contacts

how to backup blackberry contacts
  • On the Home screen, click the Blackberry Messenger symbol or icon.
  • On the contact list screen, press the Menu key and click Options.
  • After that click Back Up and then Back up files locally (you can keep your backup file on your Blackberry smartphone or media card). 
  • You can activate the Auto save contact list changes (by selecting the check box), so that a back up file will be saved automatically whenever your contact list changes.

How to Download and Install Screen Grabber to Capture Screen on Your Blackberry

Blackberry Screen Grabber is an application used to capture screen from your Blackberry phone. It is very useful, simple and easy to use – and it is also free! After you have captured the screen, you can then send your screen grabs to your Blackberry’s contacts.

Interested? If you are, then you can download the application through the following steps:

How to Create, Change and Switch Your Blackberry ID

When you bought a second hand blackberry smartphone or someone has given you his old blackberry to you, then you should remove the previous owner’s blackberry id and change it with your own bb id.

Unfortunately, for some models you cannot sign out from the current blackberry id and sign in with different bb ID without a security wipe, so heres how you should first wipe your bb smartphone to a factory setting default so that you can remove the previous owner's bb id and sign in with your own.

How to Transfer Blackberry Memopad to Your Computer

how to transfer blackberry memopad to computer
Open and compose a memo. After that click the “Menu” button and then click “Save” in order to save your memo to the media card.

From the Blackberry Desktop Software

Connect your computer and your Blackberry using the USB data cable and then open Blackberry Desktop Manager (or “Software”) on the computer.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

What is, and the Differences Between IMEI, ESN, and MEID

differences between esn meid and imei
IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a 15- or 17-digit code (usually unique) given to every single mobile phone. The function of an IMEI is to identify the phone.

IMEI can usually be found printed inside the battery compartment of the phone. A phone is only given one IMEI number.

Beside using the codes to identify valid devices by a GSM network, it can also be used for stopping a stolen phone from accessing the network.