Friday, March 12, 2010

Use Docstoc to Get Adsense Approved Easily and Fast

docstoc logoIn order to share many types of your documents to other users online, Docstoc provides you that service. DocStoc was founded by Alon Shwartz and Jason Nazar in August 2007 and it was publicly launched in November 2007. In Docstoc, you can upload as many documents as you like and create free high quality backlinks to your sites, blogs, hubs, lens, etc. and earn a percentage of revenue. Docstoc supports .doc, .xls, .pdf, .rtf, .txt, .docx, .ppt, .pps, .xlsx, and .ppts file formats. You can embed Docstoc documents onto your own websites and blogs, this feature is interesting because you can scroll, zoom, drag, rotate, and more with the DocStoc widget.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tips to optimize AdSense for Search

AdSense for search can be a great way to increase website revenue for the owner. You can place 2 AdSense search boxes on a page. When visitors search some query using the search box on your pages and click on the ads which appear on the top and right side of the results page, you get paid. To implement Adsense for search you can simply copy and paste the code given into any place on your website and let the search engine collect the dollars for you :)

As many webmasters suggest that you should change the color of the search box to match the background of your site and text so that your AdSense search box should look like it belongs to the page, fact a colorful and recognizable search box will stand out on your site and it works too, many bloggers have different result with both of them.

You also have the option given by AdSense whether you’d like the search results to be opened within your own website or to be host by Google. Many publisher choose to open within their own sites so that readers will believe that the source of search resullt is from your blog and this makes them love to click ads. The other reason is that the site owner have more control over the design. It’s not a bad idea also to put your search box on the results page itself for any users who might want to make another searches.

Publishers also can insert keywords to refine the results to make them more relevant to your readers. Let’s say you have a website about Photoshop, you can enter the keywords “Adobe”, “Computer Softwares” and “Photos”.

Your AdSense search box should be placed where your visitors can find it with a quick glance. Locations such as below the header and right or left navigation column are good spots for this. Place it above the fold, it means that the visitors should not have to scroll down in order to notice the search box. You can also place it below each post for easy navigation.

Another important thing should be considered is adding your logo, this is a cool feature because it provides chance for your readers to see and remember your logo that might increase their chances of remembering your website for a future visit.

Page Impressions, Page CTR and eCPM

What is Page Impressions in AdSense report?
Page Impressions:
how many times your AdSense JavaScript is executed by a user’s browser and ads are displayed. They will count one page impression regardless with the number of ads shown on that page, so if you put 3 ads unit on a page and it is viewed twice, you will receive 2 ‘page impressions’ and 6 ad unit impressions.

Page views: how many times the page or pages containing your AdSense advertisement was shown to readers or visitors.

What might causes page impressions and page views becomes different:
When your pages are viewed in mobile devices and the like, sometimes all other elements might not be working and the request will simply be ignored to include external data. Your ads also will not be shown up if the users have disabled or turned off the JavaScript or you open the page in a browser which does not support JavaScript and <iframe> tag. Your AdSense also will not show up if the readers are running ad blocking software so what they see is a blank space instead of your ads. The visits made by Googlebot and other spiders that are indexing your content will also increase your pageviews and it doesn’t include your ads.

Clicks: how many times your AdSense link is being clicked.

What is Page CTR?
Page CTR:
CTR (Click Through Rate), is the number of times an advertisement is clicked divided by tthe number of impressions for the page containing the ads. In other words, it is the percentage of the clicks received, based on how many views it has. CTR = number of clicks / number of exposures.

What is eCPM?
Page eCPM:
eCPM stands for ‘effective cost-per-thousand, (M= mil, it’s Latin )’ it is calculated by dividing the total earnings by total number of impressions in thousands. (Total earnings / Impressions) X 1000 = eCPM.

How If AdSense PIN Code Never Come

In order to check your address as a publisher, Google Adsense will send Personal Identification Number (PIN) via mail to your address. This is a part of AdSense payment system. The PIN will be sent if the publisher has crossed $10 mark. Normally, it takes about 3 to 4 (sometimes 6) weeks for the PIN to arrive at your place. The PIN itself will looked like a postcard with the PIN code enclosed. You need to enter the PIN code on your Adsense account so that you are able to receive payment.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Adbrite PPC, AdSense alternative

Adbrite is another way to monetize your blog. It is an online advertising program that brings website publishers and advertisers together for their mutual benefit and one of the best choice for an alternative to Google’s AdSense. AdBrite allows publishers to place relevant ads on their site. Before you start using it, note that the click cost in Adbrite is normally lower than in AdSense.