Friday, March 5, 2010

Adbrite PPC, AdSense alternative

Adbrite is another way to monetize your blog. It is an online advertising program that brings website publishers and advertisers together for their mutual benefit and one of the best choice for an alternative to Google’s AdSense. AdBrite allows publishers to place relevant ads on their site. Before you start using it, note that the click cost in Adbrite is normally lower than in AdSense.

Adbrite provides a range of advertising options for your website: text ads , banner ads and full page ads. The full page ads are higher paying but only can be shown once per day per user. Publishers earn each time the Full Page Ad is viewed.

The Inline ads format lets website owners to display an ad only when a visitor scrolls over a given word. Publishers earn when a visitor clicks on the Inline text ad. This saves a lot of space on the pages.

You also can monetize your photos on your page with interactive text ads. Captions slide out whenever a visitor hovers over the image. Publishers earn when the ads is clicked by a user.

Like AdSense, AdBrite also lets publishers customize the look and feel of their text ads. The colors, size and layout can be customized. You get paid when visitor clicks on the ads or per number of ads viewed. It makes payment by paypal, which is far much easy than the adsense check system. The minimum payout is only $10, there at google adsense the payout minimum is $100.

Adbrite also provide better customer support than google adsense, with Google AdSense you can’t sell ad space in your page, with Adbrite we can create our own price and packages. They provide good reporting tools too.

Signing up to Adbrite was straight forward and easy: only basic information and payment details are required.

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