Thursday, March 11, 2010

How If AdSense PIN Code Never Come

In order to check your address as a publisher, Google Adsense will send Personal Identification Number (PIN) via mail to your address. This is a part of AdSense payment system. The PIN will be sent if the publisher has crossed $10 mark. Normally, it takes about 3 to 4 (sometimes 6) weeks for the PIN to arrive at your place. The PIN itself will looked like a postcard with the PIN code enclosed. You need to enter the PIN code on your Adsense account so that you are able to receive payment.
Adsense Personal Identification Number
AdSense PINHowever, many people who live in certain countries in Asia have difficulty receiving the Adsense PIN code although they have made the request three times. As for my case, it takes about 5 months for the Google Adsense PIN to arrive at my place, maybe there’s problems with the postal service in my area. And yes, after 4 months and you still have not enter the PIN code on your account, the ‘Public Service ads’ start to appear on your every ads and you wont get paid if visitors happen to click on them. If you still do not enter the PIN code in 6 months, Google will disable your account and all earnings will be refunded to the Adwords advertisers.

In the case publishers do not receive the PIN code after 3 or 4 weeks, they are allowed to make another request (AdSense account --> reports payment --> enter PIN). If they still have not receive the PIN yet, they can make another request (last request). All PINs are same, the first PIN code and the second PIN code you request will contain the same number, so it does not matter which PIN code should you enter.

How if after you made the last request and still don’t receive it for a single time?

Don’t worry. Log in to your Adsense account and go to PIN information page and you will see a “contact the AdSense support team“ link.
AdSense PIN requestClick on that link and you will reach to a page where you will be asked for your Adsense publisher ID. If you don’t know your own ID, look at the top right corner of your Adsense interface (it look something like this: PUB-XXXXXXX). Enter the ID and submit the request, after that Google Adsense will send you an email in about 2 days time and ask you to provide either your digital image of a government issued ID card, bank statement, or telephone bill displaying your payee name and mailing address as it appears in your account. Simply scan one of those documents, attach it on your email and send them to Google Adsense.

After Google Adsense support team receive your response, they will review the information you have provided and update you on the status of your PIN verification. That’s it. Now your Adsense account has been officially validated by Google and will no longer need to enter any PIN code again and be able to get your earnings.

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