Saturday, August 1, 2009

How to Add Images to Yahoo Email

To add an image as an attachment in Yahoo mail probably most of you know how to do it, just click the ‘Attach Files’ button on the Compose Mail page, browse to where you put the image and it will automatically being uploaded. How about if including the picture directly in your message, so that readers will easily view the pictures and the message at the same place without having to bother downloading the images.

In order to do it, first you have to locate your images at any web server. You can upload it to free image hosting service like Picasa web album, Photobucket, ImageShack etc or to your own web host. After that you can insert the pictures from the web in an email, make sure the Yahoo mail rich text editor is enabled.
  • Open your image in a browser, the one you upload to web server.
  • Highlight the image using your mouse and press Ctrl + C (copy). If you right click the image and select "copy image" it doesn't work in Firefox, maybe it works for Internet Explorer. So better to highlight using your mouse and press Ctrl + C.
  • Go to your Yahoo mail, put your cursor inside the email body where you want the picture to show up and then press Ctrl + V (paste). Yahoo has inserted the picture inside the email, you can continue typing your email after or before the image.
  • You can also simply use ‘drag and drop’ to do this as an alternative way.
You can add as many images to your email as you want, but keep in mind that the more graphics you put in your mail, the larger it will become and it is advised that your email should not more than 10Mb (megabytes).

how to insert image to your Yahoo email

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