Sunday, August 2, 2009

Add Yahoo Messenger Pingbox to Your Website

What is Yahoo Pingbox? It is a widget that allows you to chat with visitors of your site. You can put this widget or pingbox anywhere you want, and by signing in to your Yahoo Messenger you can start chatting with your visitors. Your visitors can still chat with you if they do not have a Yahoo Messenger ID and they do not need to install any application. All they have to do is type in the text box and press enter. You can chat privately with your visitors on your blog, social network profile or website through Yahoo Messenger. You can also modify and change the font and skin and many other settings yourself before adding the pingbox to your sites.

  • Start building your own customized pingbox by visitting this page:
  • Choose your Background Theme, Text size & color and your name to be displayed.
How to create Yahoo pingbox
  • Tick the box next to “Show Yahoo! Messenger display image” if you want your Yahoo Messenger Display Image appear in the pingbox. If you don’t want it to appear then you have to untick it.
  • Choose or create your offline and online greetings.
  • At the last option, name your pingbox unit and click the save button, after that a “Sign in” page will pop up asking you to enter your Yahoo ID and password.
  • After you sign in, then choose a website on the next page. I suggest you to choose “Any Website”.
  • Copy the code given and paste it anywhere you want on your website or blog.
Note: your visitors can chat with you if you turn on your pingbox at your Yahoo Messenger and when you are online.
If Yahoo Messenger Pingbox is too big and take so much space for your sites, you can replace or try Yahoo Messenger Button.

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