Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How to Transfer Blackberry Memopad to Your Computer

how to transfer blackberry memopad to computer
Open and compose a memo. After that click the “Menu” button and then click “Save” in order to save your memo to the media card.

From the Blackberry Desktop Software

Connect your computer and your Blackberry using the USB data cable and then open Blackberry Desktop Manager (or “Software”) on the computer.

Click “Get started with this device” – check the “Organizer data” box – click “Finish”.
After that click “Organizer” – click “Configure setings” – click the “MemoPad” check box, and then highlight the desktop application you want to export the MemoPad notes and click “Next”.
After that click “One way sync from device” – click “Next” twice – click “Finish” – click “OK” – and then click the “Sync” button.

By Email

Use your rollerball to find the ‘Memopad” icon and click it. After that press “Menu” button in your blackberry phone and select “Forward As” and then select “Email”. Input your email address and send your note to that email.

Notepad Applications

You can also use notepad application such as BBnotePad, a free text editor that is more useful than the Blackberry's Memopad. This app allows us to export our notes as documents in TXT format or as memos, that can then be read on any computer. It also allow us to choose between Suretype and Multitap input systems. BbnotePad lets us to save notes either to our Blackberry’s internal storage or into our SD card. This is perfect when you need to read your note on your computer or you want to exchange memos with other BB users.

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