Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How to Use Blackberry Protect to Backup/Restore Your Data

how to use blackberry protect to restore data
Blackberry Protect is designed for locking/wiping our stolen or lost handset and for backing up as well as restoring specific data from our Blackberry smartphone. With Blackberry Protect, our very important information such as contacts, sms messages, memos, tasks and browser bookmarks can also be easily recovered.

When automatic backups are enabled, your Blackberry Protect will back up your smartphone data at the specified frequency. Of course you need your Blackberry ID in order to have this feature on your BB smartphone. When your device is not connected to the wireless network, or is turned off then Blackberry Protect will back up your data the next time your device is turned on and connected.

The backup process will be paused when the Blackberry device is in use and the Blackberry Protect will automatically finish the process once the smartphoneis in idle. Not only that, we also have the ability to perform a remote backup or remote security wipe so that your personal information can be removed.

If you have misplaced your smartphone and a backup hasnt been made, dont worry, just login to the Blackberry Protect website where you can easily perform a remote backup or remote security wipe.

blackberry protect backup bbm contacts

To start using this free application, you can download and install the Blackberry Protect into your Blackberry smartphone.

You can also stop and start using this feature if you want to by going to Blackberry Protect from your home screen, press Menu or Blackberry icon button and select ‘Stop Blackberry Protect’ or ‘Start Blackberry Protect’ and then enter your BBID username and password.

Blackberry Protect can automatically back up your data monthly, weekly, or even daily.

To change the types of data you want to back up:
Go to BB Protect – press menu key – Options – select the check boxes.

how to backup your bbm contacts

To turn off backups:
Go to BB protect – press menu key – Options – uncheck the Automatically Back Up check box – press menu key – Save.

how to prevent blackberry from deleting text messages

To access and explore this fantastic feature, you can go to the website at

The Blackberry Protect website enables you to display message on your BB smartphone (such as your address or phone numbers) so that anyone who finds it can read the message and returns the device to your home.

From the Blackberry Protect website you can also view your BB smartphone’s current location, this means that if your Blackberry device is stolen you can easily find it.

how to locate your blackberry when lost

Blackberry Protect also make it much easier for you if you want to switch your old Blackberry smartphone to a new one. All you have to do is perform a backup on your old phone and then logging into Blackberry Protect on your new Blackberry phone and selecting the restore data option.

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