Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How to make category in Blogger

If we can make categories on email, in blogs we also can. The first time you create a blogger account usually every post you make will be grouped into the archive in accordance with the month and year when you post. So if you want to search for any postings that you post on a particular month you can click on the month and all the posts in that month will be exposed. So what if you want to search for all posts on a particular topic, this certainly can be done on blogspot. How very easy;

1. Do post the article as usual at by choosing "New Post".
2. After that watch the bottom of the article field, where you will find a small box that says "Labels for this post:", well .. that box allows you to categorize articles that are made by inserting a keyword in the box label like "Computer", and then click the "PUBLISH POST".

With the steps above you have successfully categorize articles that you post according to your keyword “computer”, and you can do the same again for another article. Every article you label as “computer” will be grouped under "computer" category.
After you create a category, then you can display the category list that you made in the following ways:

1. You try to go to the page "Layout".
2. After that click the link that says "Add a Gadget".
3. Then click the plus sign (+) on the gadgets that says "Labels".

With the above steps then the menu "Labels" will be active and will display all the category name or keywords you made, and if you click on any category the entire article under that category will appear.

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