Saturday, September 5, 2009

How to Change Fonts and Colors in Blogger

First login to your blogger account, on your dashboard area click “layout” link on your Manage Blogs column and you will get to a page called, Add and Arrange Page Elements. After you reach that page click on the “Font and Colors” tab on the upper left and finally you are at Font and Colors page. From this page you can change the page background color, text color, link color,blog description color, blog title color, visited link color, post title color, sidebar title color, border color, sidebar text color, sidebar title font, text font, sidebar title font, blog description font, blog title font and post footer font. What is good about the Fonts and Colors editor is that we can preview the changes immediately. Last step is dont forget to click “SAVE CHANGES” when you finish making your changes.

Blogger login --> click Layout --> click Font and Colors --> Save Changes (Done!).

How to Change Fonts and Colors

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