Thursday, September 24, 2009

Show profile image beside comments

In this post, i want to discuss on how to display profile image beside comments we post in our blog or people’s blog. Of course to do that we have to upload our profile picture to Blogger beforehand and that profile photo we uploaded will be used to display next to our comment. Here’s how:

  • After sign in to your Blogger, go to Settings and click on Comments tab.
  • Scroll down below and find “Show profile image on comments” and set it to “Yes”.
  • To disable profile image function in your blog’s comments, just simply set it again to “No”.

how to display profile image beside commentsThis feature is actually enabled automatically in all Blogger blogs, its only that if you have not upload your own picture or image, Blogger will display a default image which is the Blogger’s logo or icon next to your comments.

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