Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How to use name tags (Facial Recognition)

Seems Google’s Picasa Web Albums has successfully made people amazed by their new technology. Picasa now has built-in face-matching technology (face-recognition feature) which could identify people’s faces by comparing facial features in photographs so we can easily add name tags to the people in our photos.

Picasa Web Albums now can scan our photos of what it believes are faces, allow us to identify a person we know in the photographs, and scan the rest of our pics for the same person allowing us to quickly tag them too and organize our photos. It automatically groups pictures containing similar faces so we can label a number of pictures at once.

Lets get started, here’s how to begin:
  • First sign in to Picasa Web Albums.
  • Click Settings in the upper-right corner.
  • Click Privacy and Permissions.
  • Check the first box labeled “Use name tags to name people in my photos” and then click Save changes (done).
After you’re done, Picasa Web Albums will automatically scan all of your photos for faces. Click “Add name tags” in the sidebar on the right side and Picasa Web Albums will start showing the groups of all the similar faces and ask you to name it one by one.

how to add name tags in Picasa Web AlbumsIf you found something not related you can always uncheck it, skip or mark selected faces as Ignore or Not a Face. You can link their tags to their email address if it is in your contact list. If you have tagged all of the photos, try to put your mouse cursor over any photo, their name will appear to show you who they are.

add name tags (face recognition)

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