Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Browser and Browsing Tips and Tricks

Have you seen a browser who surfs in the internet with remarkable speed. Do you know that there's so many interesting ways to make your browsing much faster and easier. Here i discovered some of many cool tips and tricks that might amaze you. Once you memorized and master all of these tricks you would be able to browse like pro:
Note: Some of these shortcuts may only work for Firefox.

‘ (find as you type link)
/ (find as you type text)
Alt + left arrow (go back to previous page)
Alt + right arrow (go forward a page)
Alt + D (go to address bar)
Alt + Home (go to homepage)
Alt + N (find next)
Alt + Scroll (scroll a page line by line)
Alt + T (go to Tools)
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Ctrl + = (increase text size)
Ctrl + - (decrease text size)
Ctrl + 0 (back to default text size)
Ctrl + Click (open a link in a new tab)
Ctrl + D (bookmark page)
Ctrl + E (go to search box)
Ctrl + F (find)
Ctrl + G (find next)
Ctrl + H (to open history)
Ctrl + J (show the download window)
Ctrl + K (go to search box)
Ctrl + L (go to address bar)
Ctrl + N (to browse a new page in a new window)
Ctrl + O (open file)
Ctrl + Page Up (rotate to the previous tab)
Ctrl + Page Down (rotate forward among tabs)
Ctrl + 1-8 (choose a number to jump to a specific tab)
Ctrl + T (open new tab)
Ctrl + Tab (rotate forward among tabs)
Ctrl + Shift + B ( to open Firefox library window)
Ctrl + Shift + D (bookmark all tabs)
Ctrl + Shift + Tab (rotate to the previous tab)
Ctrl + Shift + T (to re-open the tab that you acccidentally closed)
Ctrl + Shift + Window (close window)
Ctrl + U (to view the HTML codes of a site)
Ctrl + W ( close tab)
Ctrl + Y (redo)
End (go to the bottom of the page)
F2 (to rename a file)
F3 (to repeat search)
F5 (reload/ refresh)
F6 (go to address bar)
F11 (full screen)
Home (go to the top of the page)
Shift + Delete (to delete items without storing it to the recycle bin)
Shift + spacebar (scroll up the page)
Spacebar (scroll down the page)

Note: Address Bar in Firefox is called Location Bar, Favorites in Firefox is called Bookmarks, Temporary Internet Files in FF is called Cache.

Mouse tips and tricks:

Ctrl + scroll up (increase text size)
Ctrl + scroll down (decrease text size)
Middle click on the link (open it in a new tab), Middle click means pressing the mouse wheel.
Middle click on the tab (closes tab)
Shift + scroll up (next page)
Shift + scroll down (previous page)

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