Sunday, April 11, 2010

What is and How to use Hubpages

hubpages networking siteHubPages is a social networking and personal interaction website, you can promote your website through HubPages. It is just another way for webmasters to create their quality backlink. By using Hubpages, users can write anything they are knowledgeable about or anything they like and add links to direct relevant traffic to their main site. You can use Hubpages to promote your affiliate products or even your Internet home based business website, and another best part is that you do not have to learn or have any knowledge about HTML, PHP, CSS or any other tech stuff, it is basedd on WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). The writing platform is sleek and user friendly. You also don't have to be an expert in order to write about a subject.

The more websites link to your website, your website will get higher ranking in the search engines. In Hubpages, you are not allowed to create more than two links to one site on each hubpage. You can use the content in the first paragraph to link to your site and use the RSS feed as the other one.

The Hubpage’s articles, or they call it as hubs (a hub is a web page on any topiic) tend to achieve pagerank pretty easily and can produce Dofollow backlink with a high enough score (last I heard is 75). Hubscore is the rank assigned to your hub by Hubpages, the rank is based on the nature and the quality of the content displayed on it. Hubs are the combination of small sections called capsules (or what they call them as ‘building blocks’ of the Hub) which include text, photos, links, video, RSS feeds or even money making option. Break up your text capsules with header titles. By taking advantage of the text title, it should make your articles easier to read. Use pictures in your articles, image search engines can bring additional traffic. You should not place unnecessary or too many links on your Hubpage.

Hubpages is a revenue sharing content site, it allow its users to be able to generate a nice income from their hubs. Adding Ebay and Amazon blocks can help you earn money through their affiliate programs or you can add your Adsense accuont and earn money on the clicks and impresions the ads gets. Adsense links are automatically inserted into every page. In order for your hubs to get approved by Google AdSense your hub must contain unique material that you write on your own and do not obtain copied content from other webpages. You will be able to login to your new account of Gogle Adsense and check your earnings once your hubpage is approved onto the Adsense program.

Does hubpages only take a percentage in my articles that i publish on or from all my sites? And since hubpages is using a revenue sharing model, why we should publish our articles there instead on our own website? Well, if those are the questions you are about to ask, you can find the answer here.

To promote your hubs, you can send links out to the Internet community through social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, Propeller, Reddit, Mixx or forums. You can add the links in your blogroll or link section in the sidebar of your own website or blog. A good quality hubpage will entice visitors to continue to your website.

Visitors to the site can visit the main page to see what is new, what is hot and what is the best rated, they also can search for hubs on a specific topic.

Create a profile, put your main website URL and email for the contact information. You can use the internal tag system to promote your Hub by tagging it with good keywords that are relevant to your content. When you create a hub you can link to another hubs that is related quite easily.

Interested to join Hubpages and start earning extra money? you can visit the site and register by clicking the link here.

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