Saturday, October 3, 2009

How to add emoticons to Blogger

One of the many things to blogging that people like and are not provided by Blogger itself is using emoticons, adding emoticons on the posts can make our blogs become more expressive. Fortunately in Blogger there's always an alternative way to do it. For those who love emoticons, here's how to do it...
  • First you need to have the latest Firefox installed in your computer. Click Here to install it.
  • After installing firefox is done, now install GreaseMonkey Extension (a browser plugin). Click Here to download and allow your Firefox to install and restart the browser.
What is GreaseMonkey? GreaseMonkey is an add on for Mozilla Firefox. It is a third party firefox extension which allows users to customize the way webpages function and look by using little scripts (called userscripts) that are executed each time you visit a particular page. The scripts do not actually change the website itself, but it does change the way Firefox interacts with the HTML on a webpage. With GreaseMonkey, you can create scripts which will alter a website before it is loaded on the system. GreaseMonkey is used for many purposes: to fix bugs, get rid of the informations that the user does not need, embedding features into website and combining data from 2 pages. (well, those are the advantages of using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer too).

  • Next, install the emoticon GreaseMonkey script by clicking Here.
After its done now you should be able to add emoticons during your blog writing by simply clicking on them in compose mode. For those who are using “Read More” function, be aware as the script might alter your tag.

How to add emoticons to Blogger

How to put emoticon to Blog
  • Lastly, to remove a border of your emoticons, go to Layout from your dashboard, click Edit HTML and just add the following script:

    img.emoticon {
    padding: 0;
    margin: 0;
    border: 0;

    Put the above script just before the code:


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