Thursday, April 1, 2010

What is Digg and how to join

Digg is a social news site for people to discover and share content anywhere on the internet. If you find a page which you want to share, you can “digg” it byy submitting the URL and a brief descripption of the page through the Digg website. There is no editors at Digg. Digg users will see your submission and they have options to “digg” it (help promote) or “bury” it (help remove spam). They even can Digg and bury comments they like or dislike. Digg surfaces the best content as voted on by the users, and if your content appear on the Digg’s home page, it will be seen to millions of visitors and therefore, you can expect a huge bump in traffic and receive lots of backlinks (which is good for your SEO). However, it is difficult and only a small number of posts will ever make the Digg front page.

What is Digg and how to joinAll of the Digg’s website content (from news to videos to images) comes from the site’s visitors (that would be you and other Digg account holders) and it is submitted on a voluntary basis. Among all of the social bookmarking websites, Digg is one of the most popular one, and according to Digg is in the top 250 most visited websites on the entire web. It is reported that Digg has approximately 33 million visitors each month and has 24 million account holders and 5 million of them are active on the site everyday.

Everytime you submit an article, video or image, it will automatically appear in “Upcoming Stories” and it will be seen by other members, if they like it, they ‘digg it’. If your submission does not receive enough Diggs within a certain time period, it will eventually falls out of the “Upcoming” section.
  • Before you begin you need to register first with Digg, enter your info or data needed, after that you will receive an email after you complete the registration process. Click the link given in the email to be a new Digg Registered User.
How to create Digg account
  • After your account is verified, you can add optional information to your profile (you can always change your profile data in Profile tab) or skip the step and start Digging.
You now can simply select and take one Digg button and put it on your site. The first thing you should do after posting is to click on your own Digg button and let visitors have their opportunity to click the button to vote on it.

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