Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What is StumbleUpon?

StumbleUpon is a social website which allows its members a new way to experience the internet. It offer free service that can help you to find and share good websites, photos, videos, blogs with others. It offers a toolbar for you to install and put it in your browser. Once installed, you select which categories you want to view. Simply click on the Stumble icon on the toolbar and it will show you pages based on the topics which you chose and you might be interested. All the sites that are stored in StumbleUpon database is submitted and recommended by other Stumblers. If you like what it shows you then you can rate it as ‘good’ by clicking the thumbs up icon, if you are not interested then click the thumbs down icon and they will know not to show you content like that again. StumbleUpon learns your preferences and starts introducing you sites more to your liking. The page you thumbs up will be saved to your StumbleUpon list of favorites.

What is StumbleUponIt is also a great way to weed out bad and lousy sites from the system so other Stumblers don’t have to view them. Stumbler is someone who uses services provided by StumbleUpon. If a lot of people click the thumbs up for your site, your site will be shown more frequently by the system whenever users start Stumbling in that site’s category. This means that StumbleUpon can help your traffic and SEO increased too. The more votes your site received, the more traffic you get, it’s that simple.

Signing up for a StumbleUpon account is free and easy. Much like other social media such as Digg, , Propeller, Reddit, Mixx, Facebook and the like, users can set up a profile with a bio and personal data and befriend other Stumblers. Many articles online now provide a StumbleUpon logo button near the bottom of the page to allow readers to add the article to their account as simple as one click. Stumbled articles and other content are divided into 500 categories, this makes content publisher easy to find their targeted readers.

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