Thursday, April 1, 2010

How to submit articles to Digg

One of the most favorite method for people to promote their articles is through the website called Digg. This steps will show you how to submit an article on Digg and share it with the world.
First, of course you need to register and have Digg account for your own. You can read my previous article on how to create a Digg account.

  • how to Digg a story or articleAfter your account has been verified, login to Digg and on the main page click on “Submit New” (the third tab on top of the page). Click that link and it will take you to the submission page.
  • Find an article, blog post or image which you would like to submit (you also can submit yours). Copy and paste the website URL address into the submission form. Specify whether the submission is a video, image or news article and then press Continue (it will take a few moments for your submission to be processed).
  • Next will be the page saying it is checking for duplicates to ensure someone else has not already submitted the page to Digg.
  • After that you will reach to a page where you are asked to add a title and description (write a short interesting blurb about the article before submitting it). The title and description will be seen by visitors when they are making the decision on wether to click on your link or not. After that pick an appropriate topic category which your article belongs to (make sure is accurate, otherwise you may get many negative feedbacks and comments on your posts). Fill out the form and submit your article by clicking “Submit Story”.
  • Your article will then automatically appear in the Upcoming section of its category and is officially a part of the community and other Digg users can now read it and vote on it. If different people submit the same page, it gets votes and pushed to the first page.

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