Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pinging service using Ping-o-matic

Pinging is one of the most effective, easiest and quickest things webmasters can do to promote their web pages. What is ping? A blog can simply use a pinging service to tell search engine “Im Over Here”, and the blog would get indexed almost immediately. One of the most popular site which offer this kind of service is Ping-o-matic. This "pinging" service is free to use and you dont even have to register to use the service. Though Ping-o-matic was designed to prromote blogs, but you can also use it to promote website.

To use it is very easy, all you have to do is simply input the name of your article or site, and the corresponding URL, and that is it. In the blank under Blog Name, input your article's Title. Next, copy the URL of your article and paste it in the space under Blog Home Page. You can leave the RSS URL blank. After that when you scroll down further, you will see "Services to Ping." There are 21 different services for you to choose. If you want your article gets pinged to every service Ping-O-Matic submits to, then check all of them. The last step is to simply click 'send pings' button. That is it. You are done.

After you are done with the pinging process, a confirmation page will appear (see below).
how to ping using Ping-O-MaticRepeat the above steps if you want to start pinging other articles or pages you may have to promote. Everytime you make a change such as adding photo, video or more content to that page... go ahead and ping it again! You should see traffic results very quickly.

Do note that only use Ping-O-Matic when you update your blog or site. Using it many times without updating your blog will lead to your blog getting black listed.

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