Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tips and tricks to optimize Digg

Submitting your webpage, blog post or article to Digg is an excellent method to gain additional exposure. Once you submitted your story, other users can vote for it. Content with more votes votes will rank higher and benefit from massive exposure. Story with the highest votes will also be featured on Digg’s frontpage in addition to ranking higher on searches. Everyday, lots of internet marketers, webmasters and bloggers struggle and use many kind of tricks, in attempts to get their contents or articles featured on Digg’s front page.

  • Tips Optimize DiggSet up a good interesting profile and create for yourself an eye catching avatar (avatar= logo or personal image) to attract attention to your posts. With 15 submissions per page and hundreds of submissions per hour, you need to have something that make your posts stand out from the other.
  • Take your time coming up with good title and description, put in your keywords to optimize SEO. Your title and description will be displayed to visitors and that is what you are using to convince readers to click on your link. When it comes to the description, do not reveal anything, make the visitors curious about what is written in your posts. Make it unique rather than just copy and paste the first sentence or paragraph of your post into the field.
  • Submit a good quality content and made from your original content, not copy-pasted from other article.
  • Don't always Digg your own posts, Digg does not like their users who submit their own page too frequently.
  • Try to accumulate as many friends as you can (this is said to be the most important part), select those who are active and will digg your stories when you ask them to. You can anytime replace the active friends with idle ones. There is a button for you to check the ones who dugg your stories.
  • Do leave comments and respond if other user leaves a comment on your story, you can as well digg their story too. Do not spam, or you might get yourself banned and your access terminated.

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