Thursday, April 1, 2010

Propeller and Reddit Social News Sites

If you want to find more social news sites to increase your website traffic further, you can try Propeller and Reddit.

Reddit Social News Bookmarking WebsitePropeller (formerly known as Netscape) and Reddit, both are famous social news websites, meaning that they are programmed by its members — the audience, includes you. You can find plenty topics from technology, gadget to humor to politics and to many more. Once you become their member (it is free to become one), it allows you to submit and vote on any stories, share it with friends and maintain a list of your favorite articles and upcoming articles. You also can submit pages from your own website or blogs that you feel are worth telling others about and at the same time inviting more traffic to your spot on the web. An excellent reward for well written or informative content.

For those who like to spam or submit their own content have to be careful as your submissions will be 'auto-buried' and will not appear in the search result. Sometimes there are some articles that you submit will not be displayed, do not know the reason why, you have to report to the moderators and tell them about this. When you are banned from Reddit, you still be able to log in and submit articles as much as you like but all of those pages will be visible only to yourself and not others, and when you log out and visit your user page, the error message will appear telling that "the page you requested does not exist".

Propeller Social News Bookmarking WebsiteHow it works? It is very similar to the way other social bookmarking sites like Mixx,, StumbleUpon or Digg. Members find good article on the web, submit them to Propeller or Reddit and other members can vote and comment on those stories. Those articles which are most popular will rise to the top. Of course each of these site (or any other bookmarking sites) has its own flagging and presenting the content. To cast your vote in Propeller, simply hit the “Prop It” red button on the left of the story summary. Users can also create a group or join any number of existing groups. The main idea is to connect with people who share a particular passion. Another bonus is that you have another links in to your website from these social news sites and to your article, so there will be a possibility for others to find you and comment or link to you.

You broke RedditSometimes when surfing in reddit, you will receive this error icon or message (see pic on the right) saying that “you broke reddit”. I received this message after the article submission. I opened a new tab and see that the article is being submitted successfully but i don’t know why this icon appear, maybe is a bug, some people say that it is because the link was submitted more than once or due to excessive submissions. What ever the reason is, the picture is cute and when i checked on Google many Redditters have received the icon too but still not known why.

In order to start using Propeller and Reddit, you just simply go to the site and register for an account. There will be no toolbar to install, all you need to is to spend a significant amunt of your time networking on the site, meeting other users, getting involve in discussions and leaving comments. Once you got so many friends already, you can ask them to visit your post that you submitted and vote it up. When you finally start using all these social news site, like most things online, it can become quite addictive.

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