Thursday, April 1, 2010

What is Diigo and how to use Diigo

Diigo social bookmarking siteDiigo is a social bookmarking service. Maybe many of you already know how to favorite a web page using Internet Explorer or bookmark using Firefox browser. In Diigo, the service is more or less the same but instead of saving the URL in your browser, you save it on the internet. The advantages of using Diigo to your everyday blogging or web surfing:

Diigo allows its users to highlight text information and take personal notes on web pages. To keep everything organized, it can be arranged by tags or lists.

When you highlight sentences, words or some phrases from an article on the web, this setting will automatically be saved, so anytime you come back to the same page, that particular information will always be highlighted.

Diigo also allows you to add sticky note on a web page. Create your own notes, move them anywhere on the webpage.

You can save your bookmarks online (Just like or StumbleUpon), if you bookmark web pages using your browser, it may not be with you all the time especially when you use other computer or laptop. Secondly, you will lose all of your bookmarks if something bad happen to your hard drive. Thirdly, if using your browser to bookmark pages on the web, only you yourself can see what is in the list of your bookmarks. By using Diigo, other people wil be able to see your bookmarks and you also will be able to see theirs.

You also can choose to share with friends and collegues to allow them to access the web page, add their own annotations or view your notes and highlight. All of this information can be viewed from any computer, browser or cell phones with browsing capabilities, this can happen because the information is saved online. You can search and access your bookmarks anywhere, by full-text or by tags. Diigo also give us the option whether to let your bookmark freely available to the public or keep it private. Your bookmarks also can be organized into lists.

When users bookmark pages with Diigo, they are actually doing two things: saving the web page URL, and the cache image of the page also being saved. This means that they will always have a copy of the original page including the highlight and notes, even if the page content is changed or if the URL becomes broken.

By using Diigo, you can find the most famous bookmarks on any subject, get recommended and related content while browsing and subscribe to the most recent bookmarks by sites, tags or users. The groups feature also allows you to join groups within your area of interest, so when other people in your niche make any bookmarks, you will be notified. You also can create your own groups. Each group also has its own disscussion board where members can make announcements, conduct conversation, etc.

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