Monday, July 6, 2009

How to detect plagiarism

This time i will give you some tips about how to detect plagiarism. Plagiarism is when other people use your ideas, words or work and pretend they are their own. Your content has been copied without stating where it came from.
There are so many ways you can find to detect plagiarism in the internet, but here i give you the one i know and many people use it. One great tool and not many people seem to know is using CopyScape, its free. A CopyScape can help you to detect copasser (copy & paste), it lets you know who grabs and steal your content. It does not protect your sites from copasser but using their services you can immediately know the people out there who had stolen your content.

Copyscape banner plagiarism warning bannerHow to use it is very simple, you can go to, type your website URL in the search box provided there and press “Go”. If the result found nohing, that means your content is safe and it does not being copied, but if it shows many URL addresses in the list, that means each of those URL in the list has been found using the same content as yours. Copyscape looks for matched pages, passages, paragraphs and even matched sentences. Unfortunately Copyscape only show you ten URL that’s been using the same content as yours, to know whether there are more than that you need to pay.

What to do if your content being copied?
  • First you can send them a polite message to remove the content or material. If there are no contact details available, you can email to webmaster@ the domain.
  • You can try to contact and inform their web hosting.
  • If it still not working, you can use the Copyscape recommended ways, that is filing a notice of Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) infringement with Google and other search engines to have the offending sites removed from the search results. You can get the proof of infringement by using the Internet Archive to show that your content appeared first at an earlier date than the one on the plagiarist’s site.

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  1. That's pretty cool. I have always used Google to catch plagiarists. I once caught an assistant newspaper editor who stole one of my humor columns by typing in a unique phrase into Google and used quotes to search for exactly that phrase. I'll have to give this new website a try.