Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How to Create Domain Email at Your Hosting Cpanel

Creating our own email address at our own domain is very easy. Most paid website hosting servers have an opstion for creating your email address with your own domain name. This domain email is included with your cost and setting it up is not only free but it can also add a professional touch to your business. This is why many popular websites choose to have their own domain emails under their contact page. You can create a number of different email addresses on your web server but this number varies from one service provider to another.

Start by login to your website hosting server’s control panel.

After that click on Email Accounts.

how to create domain email address

Then on the create mail account webpage that opens, type your email address and the password on the blank fields provided. Remember to retype your password in the confirm password box.

how to make your own domain email

After you are done, click save/create button and your email address associated with your domain is created.

To access your domain email, you can go back to your hosting server's control panel and click Webmail. Other way to access your domain email is to type your domain in your browser followed by "/webmail". For example: http://yourdomain.com/webmail. Enter your username (email address) and the password you created.

After that, click on "Go to Webmail Login" and then you can choose SquirrelMail option on the next page. You have three different online program in Cpanel you can use to be in your webmail, they all are pretty basic but you can try SquirrelMail for this tutorial. After clicking the icon, it will bring you to your inbox page and you can start using your new email account.

how to login to your webmail

How to Forward Your Mails from Domain Email to Another Email Account

On your Cpanel main page, scroll down and under "Mail" click "Forwarders" and then you gonna click "Add Forwarder". Now enter the email address you have just created then enter also the email address where you want it to be forwarded. After that click "Add Forwarder" and you are done.

how to forward mails from domain email to another email account

how to forward domain email to another email

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