Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Firefox Tricks and Tips

Quick search. If you discover a word or phrase during your reading on a website and you want to put it into a search engine? Most probably all of you might open in a new tab, go to Google or any other search engine provider and type the words or phrase in there.
In Firefox you can highlight the word or phrase and drag the highlighted text into the search box, once you release the click the Firefox will immediately search for you. Other way you can perform this is to highlight the text, right click and select “Search Google” and Google will automatically search them for you in a new tab.

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Grabbing files. If you want to have a file, video or pictures that has been protected from certain websites you still have a chance to have it by right-clicking on the web page, select View Page Info > Media and then find the file you are looking in the list and click on “save”. This does not work all the time but still had a pretty high success rate nonetheless.

Font. To change the browser font size : Tools – Options – Content.

Toolbar. More screen space (Firefox). Make your icons smaller. Go to View > Toolbars > Customize and tick “Use small icons” box.

Tabs. To move the tabs according to the order you want, just drag and drop each tab.

Note: Address Bar in Firefox is called Location Bar, Favorites in Firefox is called Bookmarks, Temporary Internet Files in FF is called Cache.

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