Saturday, November 7, 2009

How to redirect using meta refresh tag

Meta refresh redirect is a way to redirect pages, it sends your visitors from a page to another page using a meta http-equiv tag that you inserted into the header of an html document.

Here’s how to use it:
  • First, create a folder and name it whatever you like. The name of the folder will be used as part of the url link that you are going to use to redirect. So if your folder’s name is “mysite” then the redirect link will be “”
  • Create an html file (you can use a notepad), and place the following script and save it as index.html. Replace “your URL” with the URL which you want to redirect and store the file in the folder which you just created.
    How to redirect using meta refresh tag
  • Upload the folder to your hosting account and you are done.
To test it out, simply type your domain name with the name of the folder, like this: and it will automatically redirect the page.

The main disadvantage of this method is that you need a separate file for every redirect.
Note that this method will not cloak your affiliate url in the address box. This basically just do a simple redirection.

By using meta refresh method to redirect, the tag is actually telling the browser to automatically request another page of a site after a certain number of seconds. The content=”” command tells your browser how many second to wait before executing the refresh and the redirection. Becareful of using this method because many SEO experts said that search engines may not like this and they may lower your page rank or even ban you because you are sending visitors to a page other than the one they requested.

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