Saturday, November 7, 2009

How to do a PHP redirect

PHP redirect is a way to redirect pages, it sends your visitors from a page to another page using a PHP script. This kind of redirect is said to be more search engine friendly than using Meta Refresh redirect. There’s several reason webmasters need to redirect pages includes making their long url shorter or because the changes they made to their site’s directories. You can easily redirect your readers to a different page using a small snippet of PHP code (or also known as php redirect). Using this method, your visitors can be transfered to the new page witthout having to click a link to continue. Fortunately redirecting pages using PHP is an easy task.

Here’s how to do it:
  • Create and name your new folder. Your folder’s name will be used as part of the url link which you are going to use for redirecting. Let’s say the name of your folder is “mypage” then the redirect link will be
  • Create a php file (you can use a notepad), copy paste the following php code below into the notepad and remember to save it as index.php. Replace “your URL” with the URL where you want the redirection to take place and store the file in the folder that you just created.
How to do PHP redirect
  • Upload the folder to your hosting account and it’s done. Test the new file in all major browsers, like this: The redirect should be instantaneous.
Note that this method will not cloak your affiliate url in the address box. This basically just do a simple redirection.

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