Monday, October 12, 2009

How to back up your Blogger blog

Perhaps one of the most important thing about Blogger is to know how to back up your entire blog especially when you have put so many effort and had so many posts in it. There can be nothing worse than to find your blogger blog gone one day, either being hacked, corrupted, deleted or any other unforseen error. In the past backing up our posts, comments, pictures or images and links was almost impossible and requires some kind of third party software. Blogger changed a lot and always come up with new features, this time i want to write about their ‘backup’ function. Now we can create a complete backup of our Blogger blog on to the hard drive easily and fast, just in a clicks. At least now you dont have to worry if you accidentally delete some of your old blog post.

  • To start backing up your Blogger blog, first sign in to your account.
  • From your dashboard click setting.
  • On the basic tab click Export blog.
How to backup your blogger blog
  • A new page will load, click “Download Blog” and the download manager will appear, save your XML file to your hard disc.
How to backup your Blogger posts
  • Done.
If something terrible happened to your Blogger blog, you can always go to Setting > Basic, but this time you click "Import blog", then click "Browse" and go to where you stored your backup Blogger XML file, fill in the captcha (word verification) and click "IMPORT BLOG".

How to import Blogger posts backup file
This export import features can also be used to export all of your Blogger blog to other blogging platform like Live Journal, Wordpress, etc.., or to import your blogs from Wordpress, etc.., into your Blogger blog.

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