Friday, October 30, 2009

How to remove date, time and author on Blogger posts

There are many reason for blogger to hide their post date, post time and post author. It might appear less cluttered to them or simply they want to make their blog looks cleaner and tidier. Now Blogger provides an easy and fast way for you to hide those options without having to edit your HTML template and involve in HTML codes. You can choose to hide only post time, post date, or post author, or all of them, and even to hide some other options like label, comments, Show Quick Editing and etc . Ok lets we begin the tutorial:

  • First thing to do is of course sign to your blogger account and go to your Layout from your dashboard, then at the bottom of the Blog Posts box, click an edit button and a pop up box will appear.
how to remove date, time and author on Blogger posts
  • Now all you have to do is uncheck the radio button next to each Post Page options to hide the menu and check it again to re-show it on your blog.
how to hide date, time and author on Blogger posts
  • When you’re finished with your settings, click save and the task is done.

You can also check the date of an article or web page and find out when it was first published.