Sunday, October 4, 2009

How to remove the number of posts shown in Blogger

By default, your blog posts archive will have an automatic count of the number of posts. The number of posts will be displayed next to the name of the months, you can remove those counts. This step by step instructions below is the simple hack to remove post count from Blogger archive.
Let’s look at this Blogger archive list before the hack:
How to remove the number of posts shown in BloggerAnd after the hack the archive will look like this:
How to hide number of posts shown in BloggerIf you notice there are many blogs you will see that are using this hack or trick, ok lets we begin..
  • First, as usual, login to your Blogger account and from the dashboard click Layout.
  • On Edit Layout page, click Edit HTML and your template HTML codes will appear.
  • I suggest you that you better back up your template first by clicking “Download Full Template” link above the HTML column and save it to your computer, if you make a mistake or an error occurs and you do not know how to fix it, you can always upload the template and go back to how it originally was.
  • Tick Expand Widget Templates box
  • Press Ctrl + F and search for the below code (before that, make sure you are using your blog archive in your sidebar, if not you will not find the code):

  • you will find the above code 3 times in your template, delete all the three and after that click SAVE TEMPLATE.
Done. Enjoy your new blog archive.

Do you know that the number of posts shown in Blogger label can be removed too?

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