Friday, October 30, 2009

Remove Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) link

You will see there is “Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)” link in every new Blogger blog that enable visitors to subscribe to your Atom feeds. On the main page, this will link to your main site feed, whereas on post pages, this wiill link to the comments feed for a partricular post. However many bloggers choose to remove it because it occupies space at the bottom of the template so it does not look nice. Moreover, blog owners who try to make their blog looks more like a website will definitely choose to eliminate those links. To remove the “Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)” links:
How to remove Subscribe to Posts Atom link
  • Sign in to Blogger and go to dashboard > Layout > Edit HTML > tick Expand Widgets Templates box.
  • Save a copy of your current template, just in case if you do something wrong.
  • Find and choose one of the following codes below and delete it:

    <b:include data='feedLinks' name='feedLinksBody'/>


    <b:include name='feedLinks'/>
  • To be sure this has worked, preview the blog template and save the settings, the “Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)” link wont be there anymore on your blog.

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