Friday, October 30, 2009

How to Add Amazon Associates to Blogger

Not very long ago introduced a new and cool feature which enable us to add Amazon product listings easily to our posts.

It is easy to do, you can follow the steps below if you are interested to add Amazon products to your posts fast and easy without having to bother opening Amazon site in a new tab and searching the product you want, copy the link and paste it on your post.
  1. First thing to do is you need to register or signup as an amazon affiliate.
  2. Go to your Blogger dashboard and then click Monetize.
  3. how to add amazon associates to blogger
  4. Under the Monetize menu, click on the Amazon Associates tab.
  5. Fill in the Amazon affiliate ID in the text field provided. 
  6. After that follow the instruction on that page if you want to add product previews to your posts.
  7. After that click Save Settings.
Now when you go to make a new post, you can see there is an Amazon box at the right side of the page (see the screenshot below).
amazon associates to blogger
How to add amazon products to your blogger post

You can search and choose the Amazon product from there. You can also choose whether you only want the link to appear on your post, the image or both the link and image. Point the cursor on your post where you want the product to appear and then click one of the three option (link, image or link+image) and the product will automatically appear on that chosen spot. You can see the example i did on the right side.

See how easy it is to use this new feature to add Amazon product to our post.

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