Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How to prevent accidental clicks on your own AdSense Ads

Not a few of the bloggers who accidentally click on their own Google adsense ads. This accidental click often happens when they are updating, changing or modifying their blog, in part because of their negligence too and errors of the computer or Blogger itself. Because of this they can get themselves being banned from that Google adsense program. One of the things probably you should do when you caught yourself accidentally clicking on your own Google adsense ads is to contact Google straight away, email them before they email you, provide more information such as the date and time when this happen.

One of the good way that i can find to prevent yourself from this accidental click is perhaps using this free script who was developed by Michael Hampton.

  • After that download and install GreaseMonkey add on to your browser to apply the script (old versions of GreaseMonkey are not tested and not supported).
  • For the script itself you can get it by clicking Here. After installing the script, the first time you see your adsense ad unit, it will pop up with a box to ask for your adsense publisher ID which can be found in your adsense account, look out for your Google adsense code and find this code PUB-XXXXXXX. This is needed to let the script knows which ads to prevent clicks from.
  • To find out whether you’d successfully install the script is to test by clicking on the “Ads by Google” link in your ad units, if it does not go anywhere then it is working.

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