Monday, July 6, 2009

How to check the date of articles in the web

Many website author or blogger did not want to show the date or when is their articles first published because of various reasons, but people actually need to know this piece of information because they want to know whether the information provided on that page is still valid or not. There are methods on how you can find out when an article on the web is first published approximately, here’s one of them:

  • Open up the web page that you want to check for the date in your browser and copy the URL.
  • Go to and type “inurl:” in the search box and then paste the URL next to it. Hit enter after that. Like this (lets take my previous post as an example):

  • Now go to your address bar (you can use keyboard shortcut: press Ctrl + L), type in "&as_qdr=y15" at the end of the Google search URL (see below for the example). After that press Enter again.
  • In the new page that loads, you will now see the actual publication date of the web page beside the title (see below for the example).
how to check the date of the article in the web

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