Sunday, July 12, 2009

Submit Blogger sitemaps to Google webmaster tools

Submitting your sitemaps to Google is very useful as Google is the largest and most dominant search engine out there. Sitemaps are text files which contain all of your web pages list on your site. Even though as many people said that Google will eventually find and index your site anyway, but submitting sitemaps helps to accelerate the indexing process and more frequent updating index in response to new posts. Here, a simple and easy guide through the process of adding your Blogger sitemap to Google webmaster tools.

  • First, sign in to Google webmaster tools with your Gmail account.
  • On the dashboard, press “Add a site” button and enter your site URL into the box provided, after that click Continue.
  • Next, Google will give you some code for you to copy and paste it into your homepage within your head tag. Google just want to make sure whether the site you add is really yours or not. After you are done, click Verify.
  • Now to start submitting your sitemap, go to Site configuration (from the dashboard) > Sitemaps and press “Submit a sitemap” button.
  • A box prompt up and ask you to fill in the empty field. Enter this code:

  • Then the URL should look something like this:
  • Hit the Submit sitemap button and you are done!
Try refresh the page a minute after the submission and you should see the ‘green tick’ icon under the Status. It indicates that the process is successful.
Submit Blogger sitemaps to Google search engine

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