Sunday, July 5, 2009

How to add AddThis button and toolbar

What is AddThis?
Addthis is a service offer to help bloggers and publishers spread their content across the web. To do that, Addthis will give us ‘button’, the AddThis button which we add to our website or blog makes it easy for visitors to bookmark, share, subscribe to your feed and distribute our work to their favourite social service program. It also offer analytics feature which can track the readers and user from our Addthis button. They also provide utilities like Print, Translate and PDF Online. The Addthis button is an easy way to get followers and advertising for our website or blog without have to learn programming. The service is free, and neither does the analytics. The AddThis button can be used in two ways: add it on your blog or website and in the browser as a toolbar.

  • To get for yourself the Addthis button, go to, make your selections and click “Get Your Button”. It’s easy, fast and free, next just copy the code given to you and paste it in the HTML section of your blog or website.
    How to create AddThis buttonIf you want to get the analytics you have to register, enter your email and username or other info that is needed.

    If you want to include the Addthis button below every post of your blogger blog, copy and paste the code into the Blogger template, right after the following tag:

    <div class='post-footer'>
  • To install the AddThis toolbar, simply go to, select the type of the browser you are using and download. how to install AddThis toolbar to your browserYou can locate your AddThis toolbar near the top left on Firefox, and the same toolbar will normally located on the right side of your Internet Explorer browser.
Enjoy the tool, and let it speeds things up for you. :)

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