Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Submit articles to StumbleUpon How To

How to add a web page to StumbleUpon:

When you are giving ‘thumbs up’ for an article, if the web page is already in StumbleUpon, the image will highlight andd nothing else will happen. You still can add a review of the page by clicking the ‘text balloon’ button in the toolbar. If the web page is not already on StumbleUpon, a pop-up window will open asking you for a title and description of the content as well as a classification of wwhat type of article it is. Adding details about the site would be useful for any stumblers and also for your StumbleUpon profile. You need to fill in the title, the review, topic category, tags and other necessary details. You can also find out whether your website is already listed on StumbleUpon, to do that you can visit this link and type in your URL.

How to submit articles to StumbleUponIf you find a site which you think is good or interesting, don’t hesitate to make the owner of the site happy by clicking the ‘i like it’ button. If you are the first person who Stumble the article, you ‘discover’ it, it means your profile will show up on the reviews page for that article, and of course it can drive traffic back to you. When you Stumble other people’s posts and they see an increase in traffic, they will curiously want to know where that traffic came from, so it will leads them back to you.

Therefore it is also important to have a well established profile on StumbleUpon before you start Stumbling further. Add your URL, you can change the Layout and colors, put more information about yourself and etc.

StumbleUpon is a good technique for building lots of backlinks to your website. To generate traffic with really depends on the quality of your content. Try only to stumble the best content on your site. Don’t stick to a site which is intended to sell things, people would be more likely to click the “dislike” button and that would further decrease the popularity of your site.

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