Monday, July 6, 2009

How to Check Page Views of a Website - Pageviews Checkers

Finding how many page views a website has is useful when you need to know about your competitor’s site, it is also necessary especially if you are interested in placing your ads on their site. Here are some of traffic estimation services that you can use to obtain statistics (page views + unique visitors) from any website for free. Dont expect it to be accurate, but you still can use them if you want to measure rough traffic on the website.

Alexa is a good place to start – although it doesnt tell you the actual page views of a site, it still gives you an estimate of the percentage of internet users that visited a site during a given period.

Statbrain - To measure the number of page views on any website. It uses a combination of Alexa rank and backlink counts from Google, Yahoo as well as many other unknown factors.

Google Trend, Google Ad Planner and Gogle Analytics are another helpful tools that you should try to use if you want to find out the number of pageviews on a website. They are highly recommended. Trends estimation of your ‘daily unique visitors’ may get very close to actual numbers, but the problem is that they do not provide data for low-traffic websites.

Other tools you can try:

Many of those websites also provide stats like daily pageview, website worth and ad revenue. That information will help you in evaluating any website. This service is also free, but it may not be very accurate since the data they provide each are not the same.

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