Monday, July 6, 2009

What is dummy blogs

What is dummy blogs? Dummy blogs (some people call it SEO blogs) is the term often used to describe blogs that are written for search engines instead of humans. Dummy blogs are dedicated to trying to fool Google or search engines into ranking them or sites they link to highly. These blogs is created to link to the main website (your priority website), so your website is receiving a lot of inbound links / backlink / voting or which are also known as "Off Page Optimization" and this is done for the sake of SEO. The number of content pages on a dummy blogs are usually only a few but long posts and rarely updated, the topic is related or the same as the topic of your priority site. The number of dummy blogs created to point to the main website can reach tens, even hundreds and the blog hosting they use is of course a free one like,,, and etc.

But doing a lot of dummy blog can be risky although to some it is effective, because not all blog hosting allow their existence and the dummy blogs will be deleted without warning includes scraper blogs (Blogs which take content from other blogs, copy-pasting without permission), warez blogs (blogs which promote pirated copies of ebooks), automated blogs (blogs which are generated by computers, boots and the like). On the Internet there are also many sites that can give or provide backlinks without having to create a dummy blogs, but you have to pay of course. If you do not have time to create a dummy blog and not ready to pay for a backlink or inbound links, there are many more can be done to get those by doing: directory and RSS Feed submission, articles submission, blogs Commenting, forum posting, press releases, social bookmarking (tag & ping), and social media sites.


  1. Of course, paying for backlinks and inbound links is frowned on by Google, and they will not only drop link farms from their directory, they may also ding your own site too.

  2. Using blogs, RSS feed, and blog commenting are all types of Affordable online marketing to increase SEO and internet marketing.