Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tips & Tricks optimize StumbleUpon

In using StumbleUpon, there are rules to follow in order to get positive result and give your site a traffic boost. Here are some useful and popular tips that are used by many good Stumblers to optimize their websites:
  • Set up your StumbleUpon profile is important.
  • Don’t lead stumblers to main page of your website or blog.
  • Create a good quality content and try to only stumble the best content of your website.
  • Your content should be written in a way that cannot be digested just in one single visit.
  • Don’t put so many advertising and selling products, it may looked cramped.
  • Your website should have memorable branding and an easy to remember URL.
  • Label and tag your submitted pages appropriately. Broad tagging helps. Find some popular and often searched keywords.
  • Like Digg , Propeller, Reddit, Mixx and any related social bookmarking websites, making friends as many as you can and expanding your networking is one of the most important factor.
  • Attach StumbleUpon button on your website to allow visitors stumble your web page easily.
  • Stumble a page which link to you and encourage other user to do the same.
  • You can buy sponsored stumbles, it means that you pay StumbleUpon for every targeted person they bring to your page. You can target according to personal interest, location, history of rating similar sites and demographics such as sex and age.
  • Personalize your ‘About’ page and join the communities relating to your interests.

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