Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Basic guide how to use StumbleUpon

Different ways to stumble, follow this guide and enjoy the quick and easy way to explore StumbleUpon.

To stumble according to your one specific interest:
From the toolbar > All > select an interest.

To stumble other user’s favorites:
From their profile > click Stumble (you will stumbling to sites which are thumbed-up by that user).

To stumble within user’s tag:
From their profile > click one of their favorite tags > Stumble (you will be stumbling to sites that come within their tag).

To stumble pages only from certain website (e.g Youtube, Blogger), this is also called StumbleThru or Channel Stumbling:
From the toolbar > All > Stumble Thru.
From the website > Stumble Thru (on footer below).

Stumble pages based on keywords:
From the toolbar > search/ tag box > enter keyword > enter and Stumble.

To show the “search/ tag box”:
Go to Tools > Toolbar option > Search & Tagging tab > check the ‘Show search/ tag’ box.

To go back to basic stumbling:
Click on ‘Tools’ a drop-down menu of your toolbar > All, or
From the website > Discover tab > Stumble.

To change the type of sites you would like to visit:
Click ‘Settings’ on top right > Manage Interests > select the subjects which interest you > Save preference.

You will occasionally stumble upon a “sponsored stumble”. It means that an advertiser has paid to bring their site to you. This is indicated by a green-shirted person icon in the toolbar. You will only see sponsored web pages related to the topics you are interested in and you will not see more than one sponsored web page per fifteen stumbles.

You can also find out whether your website is already listed on StumbleUpon, to do that you can visit this link and type in your URL.

How to set up your StumbleUpon profile:
Click ‘Settings’ > Account Settings:
Fill in your name, email address, location and etc. You can choose whether or not you want to display your birthday to public.

Click ‘Settings’ > Customize Profile:
You can change your theme color, write a short description of yourself and select as many things you’d like other users to know about you.

Click ‘Setting’ > Profile Picture:
Upload your profile picture. A logo for your site or a close-up of you are perhaps the best choices.

Sharing your StumbleUpon with friends via email:
You can import your friend’s email contacts to find out which of them is already using StumbleUpon so you can add/ subscribe to them or invite your friends to join for those who haven’t.

Click the Stumblers tab > click on ‘See who you know’ > Find friends > enter your email address and password > Find friends.
Mark the checkbox next to the name of your friend/s who already use StumbleUpon to make them your StumbleUpon friendd.
Mark the checkbox next to the name of your friend/s who do not use StumbleUpon to invite them to use it.
Click Invite.

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